Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp


Solar is a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat, at home or outside. The surface finishes are different: glossy white or dark wood for the indoor version, with a characteristic rusty and textured effect for the outdoor version. The hemispherical body, made of polyethene, is stable even when it is tilted by 15¡. The angling determines the quantity of light diffused, allowing multiple effects and atmospheres to be created.

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Product details

Solar is a new kind of object, a modern hearth to gather and talk around, at home or outside. The surface textures are unique for the indoor version: shiny white or dark wood with a distinctive gritty and textured appearance for the exterior edition. Constructed of polyethene, the hemispheric body is stable even when tilted by 15¡. The angling determines the amount of light diffused, making it possible to create numerous effects and atmospheres.


Finishes: Varnished metal or wood.


Dimensions: 79cm x 26cm x 38cm


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