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Introducing the Dal Piece from Ferm Living, a captivating fusion of art and functionality. This extraordinary sculpture, crafted exclusively from recycled casted aluminium, serves as a remarkable addition to any home. Inspired by the picturesque mountainside of Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, where the relentless flow of water has delicately chiselled a mesmerising stone cave with gracefully curved walls, Dal Piece embraces the essence of nature’s creativity. Its organic, curvaceous forms embody the spirit of this natural wonder. Not only is Dal Piece a visually striking artwork, but it also serves a practical purpose in your living space. Its seamless integration of artistic design and functional utility challenges conventional boundaries. Place this sculptural marvel anywhere in your home to evoke a sense of intrigue and wonder. Crafted entirely from recycled casted aluminium, Dal Piece showcases the artist’s commitment to sustainability. By breathing new life into discarded materials, it embodies the beauty of repurposing and encourages a more conscious approach to consumption.

Product details

Material: 100% recycled casted aluminium with black patina


Finishes: Black


Dimensions: 100cm x 50cm x 47cm H


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