Michael Anastassiades, 2018

Arrangements. Diffuse light suspended lighting system. Body made of extruded, black powder-NC machining aluminum, diffuser of optical silicone in platinum. With an electrical and mechanical link system designed for a personalized product setup, every part can be linked to the power pack. Two-lamp roses are available: lamps under 70W power, and lamps under 190W power. Class III Roses are also available for remote power supply systems: the variant for cement installations is recessed for plasterboard ceilings. Class III Roses are also available for remote energy suppliers. The integrated electronics in the rose make the use of dimming systems: move, 1-10, potentiometer, DALI. Under the absence of such devices, the push mechanism used in the rose may be used to set the light flow. Size of cable 2.5 m

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Product details

Finishes: Black



Round – 102cm DIA, 66,50cm DIA or 39,80cm DIA

Drop down – 49,50cm x 69,70cm H

Drop up – 49,50cm x 69,70cm H

Square – 51,20cm L x 68,80cm H or 30,20cm L x 39,50cm H

Broken line – 102cm L x 72cm x 50,20cm H

Line – 170,50cm L


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