Mother’s Day With Crema

May 3, 2019

Our range of in-stock accessories and table lamps make perfect Mother’s Day gifts, so this year we’ve compiled a list of accessories we have available for immediate purchase, for your convenience. On this list you’ll see brand new items as well as old. We believe that the best gifts are those with a story behind them, and those with great attention to love and attention during the construction process. All of them are available for delivery or collection from our Woodstock showroom.


‘Carved’ Stem Vases/Cups (set of 2)

Mouth-blown, double layered black and white glass has been acutely cut back to define a series of circular motifs. Artisanal glass makers in India carefully carved away layers of glass in a design process that explores the opaque, the translucent and the transparent. The intention was for the chunky and heavy glass to take on an ethereal lightness.
Retail (set of 2): R2132
  • ‘Brew’ Stove Top Coffee Maker

A steel-bodied stovetop espresso-maker with a copper finish, bringing a touch of art deco refinement to the coffee ritual – given balance and elegance by a solid construction. Brew recognises coffee making as a form of art and coffee drinking as one of our few remaining contemporary rituals. Brew is hyper-reflective, functionally rigorous and designed to take pride of place on any kitchen counter, bar or occasional table. Only one available.
Retail: R3790
  • ‘Bump’ Teapot

Inspired by laboratory apparatus, Bump is an exercise in the manipulation of the conical, spherical and tubular building blocks that we love to play with, of double walled glassmaking and a play in transparency and translucency. Only one available.
Retail: R3080
  • ‘Abstract’ Cushion

Thick, woolly, rugged and generally more substantial than most cushions, Abstract is hand tufted by extraordinary skilled craftsmen in India. Tactile and comfortable, the new Abstract designs are available in a colourful palette, which reveals the natural pigmentation of the wool.
Retail: R2961
  • ‘Block’ Jug

Architecturally geometric and highly sculptural, Block is a piece with a decorative and functional ceramic construction. Produced in Portugal, a country that is renowned for its expertise in ceramics, the Block family is slip cast to create a sense of uniformity. The high gloss hand-glaze process adds individuality to each piece.
Retail: R4146
  • ‘Lid’ Tube Top and Dish Set

A set of simple boxes and lids, with multiple functions in white marble and blue glass make a playful construction set for your bathroom shelf with spaces for toothbrushes, containers for cotton buds or soap and boxes for jewels, all able to interchange, stack and nest like a modernist sculpture.
Retail: R1540
  • ‘Eclectic’ London Hand Balm

London: The subtle mix of black pepper, oud wood and patchouli capture the smell of smokey red brick and London parks. The hand balm, enriched with rosehip oil, carrot oil and honey, is rich in antioxidants and deeply moisturising and soothing.  Retail: R711
Orientalist: Fortified with rosehip oil, turmeric, ginger and fennel, this paraben-free hand balm is rich in antioxidants and purifies and soothes your skin. Notes of violet leaves, rose, cinnamon and musk perfume the skin with a faint exotic floral fragrance reminiscent of an Indian wedding or a visit to a far eastern flower market.  Retail: R711
  • ‘Etch’ The Clipper Tea Diffuser

The very best tea is made from loose leaves and our contemporary update for the traditional British teatime tool infuses the perfect cup. A stainless steel strainer with a minutely etched surface is formed into a neat cone shape; hung on a metal string with a circular tab, the bottom of the cone delicately slides open for ease of use and cleaning.
Retail: R308
  • ‘Rainbow’ Serving Tray

A simple, circular shape with a lustrous rainbow finish results in this functional and decorative tray. Hay’s Serving Tray is made in stainless steel and can be used for desks and miscellaneous household objects.
Retail: R827