Let’s Talk Mirrors

February 16, 2021

When speaking about the ultimate dos and don’ts of including mirrors and wall art into a design scheme, we would say that less is more. Be sure not to overdo it! Create contrast – if you have a light coloured wall, use a dark-framed mirror and vice versa. Black steel is a popular trend at the moment if you have a white wall.

What do mirrors add to a space and how can they transform a space for the better, you ask? Having a mirror on the wall creates depth in a room, the bigger the mirror; the larger the room is going to look.

The current trends regarding mirrors in the home are round, unframed and organic shaped mirrors such as the Strap mirror by HAY(shown below) or the Adnet Circulairre by GUBI.

Looking for alternatives besides mirrors for adding interest to a blank wall? Wall lights such as the Melt surface light and the Stone wall light by Tom Dixon and the IC surface light by FLOS work beautifully down a passage or entrance hall, as well as adding art or neon lights to a blank wall – which are very on-trend at the moment.

If you’re interested in the current trends for wall décor, metallic colours such as bronze, copper and chrome. The Framed mirror by Muuto as well as any unframed mirrors are coming into trend.

Lastly, mirrors brighten up a home and make it feel a lot more spacious. They are a common Feng Shui adjustment, which will improve the overall energy in ones home.