Lee Broom Launches, Milan 2018

June 12, 2018

There were so many amazing new products released in Milan this year, trying to put them all into one newsletter the way we normally do is just impossible. So this year we are going to showcase a handful from each of our brands, over the next couple of months.

Lee Broom is a brand that took some of the biggest strides this year.  From starting the crystal Decanter Light craze a few years back with just a handful of pieces, Lee Broom as grown to offer an astoundingly gorgeous and refined collection of pieces. We especially love his lighting pieces which ooze class with a very cutting edge.

We will most certainly be ordering these new pieces for our new showroom.

Speaking of showrooms, our newly refurbished Woodstock showroom is now open for you to enjoy. We feel a lot more grown up, please pay us a visit (more about this later).Eclipse Pendant & Chandelier

Eclipse Table Lamp & Wall Light

Crystal Bulb Pendant and Chandelier Chrome

Crystal Bulb Wall & Ceiling Light

Orion Globe & Tube

Lens Flair Pendant

Lens Flair Table Lamp

Fulcrum Light Matte Black