Is Your Designer Furniture Authentic?

August 19, 2020

Modern Resale wrote an interesting article that is just up our alley. It explains how to tell if your designer furniture or lighting is authentic. The value of choosing luxury furniture and lighting instead of copies is so important.

Here are some steps from the article:

“You Will Always Get What You Pay For

Before we look into ways to differentiate an original from a fake, let’s quickly see some important reasons why an original production will always be the best. Remember that you will always get what you pay for. The benefits of getting a genuine and original piece far outweigh the disappointment you will get over time from buying a replica. When you opt for the original:

•You can comfortably and safely use the piece knowing fully well that each product is designed to the quality and exacting specifications intended by the designer and brand that produced it.

•They are more comfortable than the replica. While the replica loses its comfort with time because of inferior production techniques and materials, an original will continue to provide comfort for years.

•You will continue to enjoy your modern masterpiece while it retains value for many years.

•Each product will have a lifespan that will likely be 3 times that of a replica, which literately amounts to a lesser cost in the end.

•They improve the value of your home and thus improve the overall market value of your property.

•In some cases where there is an issue, most original luxury pieces come with years of warranty to further reinforce your confidence in the product.”

Read more of the article here.