How To Put Together A Luxury Living Room

March 22, 2022

Upgrading your living room with a luxury makeover will help enrich your space. It is usually the first room that guests will see and it’ll say a lot about your style and taste. Here are 5 steps on how to put together a luxury living room. 

Large Rugs

  • A large rug will draw attention to the living room space. Fitting most, if not all of your furniture onto a rug will make your living room look larger. A larger rug will showcase all of your furniture and capture it like a photograph. 

Statement Lighting

  • Lighting is one of the most important factors in Interior Design. Whether it’s a large floor lamp, a table lamp or an intricate chandelier, each one of these lighting sources could be known as a statement piece. If you are looking to create statement lighting as one of your main focal points, the shinier finish and larger size is best. 

Oversized Art Pieces

  • By hanging larger artworks or prints in your living room, it’ll create a sense that you’re in a high-end gallery. Direct lighting on an art piece will also boost the overall look in your living room. 


  • Mirrors will always make a space look larger than it is. This applies to smaller living rooms that you’d like to make look larger. Wall mirrors can also add more light to your living room if they’re placed correctly which you could use to your advantage. 


  • Accessories will finish off the look of your space, it is important to know what and how much to buy when it comes to accessories. Luxury cushions are a must-have and remember to buy feather down cushion inserts instead of foam. Large decorative accessories such as a sculpture or a vase will create a focal point in the room.