How To Look After Your Wooden Furniture

August 30, 2021

To add extra depth and durability to your wooden furniture, you need to take note of the following tips. There are various types of wood and each of them needs to be cared for differently. If it’s looked after correctly, it will last a lifetime!

Here are a few tips and great insights for you.

Dust Your Wooden Furniture: This is an obvious tip, but is forgotten quite often! Having dust settle on wooden furniture creates a layer that will eventually stick to it, this then makes it difficult to remove and it could potentially scratch your furniture if not removed with a warm damp cloth.

Clean spills immediately: Make sure to clean up any liquid that is spilt on a wooden surface, they tend to leave marks that could potentially stain your furniture. To avoid having to clean immediately, coasters, placemats and tablecloths can better protect your furniture.

Regular Cleaning: Look for the correct cleaning detergent and equipment so that the wooden furniture is protected while cleaning it. Use as little excess water as possible when cleaning.

Polishing/Waxing: Polishing and waxing your wooden furniture will leave it looking elegant and clean. It is important to use only one of these techniques to achieve the desired result BestMixer. Read the care instructions that come with your furniture so that your favourite designs are maintained for years.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight: It can cause severe damage to wood. Moisture in wood plays a key role in preserving it, so excessive light will cause it to lose that moisture and it’ll begin to fade.