Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential. &Tradition aims to bring these core principles to modern design; redefining, reforming and reinventing materials, methods and forms.

&Tradition reworks iconic designs from past experts and creates tomorrow’s classic pieces in collaboration with contemporary designers, upholding an ethos of excellent craftsmanship to create lighting, furniture and accessories that meet contemporary needs for function, comfort and beauty. Based in Denmark, &Tradition make up a significant portion of our best Scandinavian design. Their attention to finely crafted design that is both luxurious and subtle is sure to satisfy any taste. While they draw their inspiration from Nordic heritage, a great deal of international influences – such as Japanese paper lanterns or Indian fabrics – are given the superb &Tradition touch. Numerous prolific designers have worked with &Tradition, such as Jaime Hayon, Verner Panton, Sofie Refer, Space Copenhagen, Signe Hytte and Sami Kallio.

&Tradition respects the environment that provides our raw materials and we believe in design that is made to last.

Some of our personal favourite &Tradition pieces include the Formakami lightFly chair, Little Petra lounge chair, Journey lamp and Loafer sofa. They also produce rugs, tables, ottomans, mirrors and accessories.

Products: Furniture, Lighting, Rugs and Accessories