STUA is a design furniture manufacturer from Spain that offers a contemporary furniture collection based on chairs, tables, stools, storage, lounge and outdoor furniture. STUA collection is suitable for residential use or commercial environments. What separates STUA furniture from much of contemporary design furniture is the enduring nature of form.

The timeless design. The work of STUA is conceived and executed at an extraordinarily high level of aesthetic and engineering detail. The work is innovative and original. There is a fresh spirit to the work, but its character is grounded firmly in the principles and character of classic modern design, that of simplicity and timelessness. Jesús Gasca is the founder and principal designer of STUA, a contemporary furniture company based in the resort town of San Sebastían, Spain. STUA prides itself on producing a limited range of furniture, with each piece exquisitely executed out of the finest materials.

The style of the work can be characterised as Scandinavian with a Mediterranean touch. The company’s mission is “to improve the habitat in which we live, by refining our designs, and using recyclable components and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.” Contemporary pieces of high technology and simple shapes.

Always thinking about the function objects have to have, but with shapes that are new and as close to the user as possible. STUA which Gasca founded in the early ’80s, has allowed him to develop his own work as a furniture designer. Trained as an engineer, Gasca specialises in technically complex design with attention to detail. Gasca’s recent designs include the Onda stool, Globus Chair, Sapporo Shelving System, Gas Chair and the Deneb Collection. He has also collaborated with Josep Mora to create the classic Egoa chair that won the Innovate Design Melbourne prize in 1988.

Gasca has received the most important design awards for the Gas chair. The STUA company has been awarded the National Design Award. The most important recognition of a design company in Spain. “Good design is not only about beautiful shapes. It always has to be clever in the solution of functional questions”. Jon Gasca, San Sebastian, 1967. Industrial Engineer in the Universidad de Navarra. Jon Gasca is the son of Jesus Gasca, the founder of STUA, where he has developed all his designs. His designs are contemporary while timeless.

His design portfolio includes the following products:

  • Costura sofa collection.
  • Solapa tables
  • Malena armchair.
  • Nube armchair, designed together with his father, the founder of STUA Jesús Gasca.
  • Eclipse nesting table.
  • Satellite acoustic panel system.

Jon Gasca has been the art director of STUA for more than 20 years.

For STUA he has edited the books “A Simple Way”, “Travel Journal”. Barcelona, 1951. Josep Mora is an engineer. He has been a teacher in the prestigious design school of Elisava in Barcelona. His design is always linked to very technical and clever solutions related to movement. Maybe this is the reason why he has designed a number of bicycles. The latest of them is a wooden version produced for the Camper shoe company.

He designed both versions of the Egoa chair for STUA, the fixed frame model and the version on castors. Both chairs embody a deceptively simple but intelligent and sophisticated mechanism. Costura sofa collection is a Jon Gasca design for STUA. Costura sofa refers to the noble tradition of tailoring that has guided the design process.

In San Sebastián, home of renown fashion designers like Balenciaga, small ateliers have dressed citizens during decades with impeccably tailored suits and dresses. STUA wanted to bring this tradition back, working with artisans, to create a piece of upholstery that is like a suit that covers the innovative inside structure. One more time, STUA delivers a surprising design that reflects the timelessness adding an innovative spirit. Costura now offers an endless configuration. COSTURA TEXTILES: STUA has a collection of 20 fabrics in stock.

These are fabrics that are especially suitable for the design of Costura. One of them is the highlight fabric, Airone 410, has 10 days delivery time. COSTURA IN LEATHER: STUA offers Costura in six leather colours, four house types of leather and also in Grey Elmo Soft and Camel Elmo Baltique. OTHER KVADRAT TEXTILES FOR COSTURA: please look at the FINISHES option in this same page, to see which Kvadrat textiles have been approved and to which price group they belong.

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