In Australia, to be considered a village four things are required: a telephone booth, a mailbox, an A’ (in the past, a bank) and a pub. Parachilna, being one of the last civilized strongholds before entering the Australian desert north of Adelaide, is what it has today.


Located on the railroad that used to connect with the old Ghan line, the train that runs through Australia, crossing from north to south. The Ghan was and still is an impressive work of engineering; a powerful locomotive capable of traveling 3,000 km through the desert. The name comes from the Afghan camel drivers who were hired in the 19th century to cross the then unexplored Australian desert. Nowadays no train stops at Parachilna, but the old station remains standing. One can almost picture two individuals waiting to stop a train that never will. But they do not despair – 0ne day that train, against all logic, will stop.

This is a small tribute to faith and passion. To all those who, powerful as the Ghan, pick up passionate passengers.

Because all deserts can be crossed.

Because all trains stop even without a station.

Because you do not need too much to build a town or your own dreams.

Because all the stars shine more in the desert.

After many years in the lighting sector, reaping some success and learning from small mistakes, it was decided to create Parachilna. Dedicated to decorative lighting, Parachilna is born out of a love for luxury. Understanding luxury design honestly, the value of fine materials and craftsmanship, recovering the know-how of the few workshops metalists, potters, glassmakers and others that despite the voracious decentralization still remain in Europe, and hopefully in other regions of the world too.

Ironically, Parachilna are based in Spain. It seems our newest partnership comes with a healthy dose of wry humour.

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