1n 1996, Joana Bover founded Bover in Barcelona, Spain. After 20 years of market development, what started as a drawing on a napkin for an architect friend’s project has grown and evolved to turn into one of the leading producers in the modern lighting sector, with its own division in the United States of America and a worldwide presence. In spite of the continual growth of the Bover brand, Joana Bover has remained true to her original vision.

She believes in the importance of timeless design, in a commercial catalogue that knows how to maintain the balance between quality and shape, resulting in a style capable transcending time and of adapting to the future without fanfare. As far as we’re concerned, Bover is the result of the professionalism and the concerns of a team of people who live and feel the cultural world surrounding them – of a team of respectable designers pushing for the creation of contemporary lighting experiences for the entire globe.

Bover aims to define a commercial line of lighting that knows how to balance quality and form and results in a non-temporal style capable to adapt comfortably to future times.

 Those of us who live near the Mediterranean know all the nuances of light. For this reason, when night comes, we transform it into little spacelets of day 
Lluís Porqueras

Bover manufactures exclusively in Barcelona, having total control of its production chain and subsequently, of all components, delivery terms and its quality. This control allows them to ensure top quality products – something we prioritize above all else at Créma Design.

Their Amphora lamp is undoubtedly one of their most iconic styles, and we also adore their Non La T light and their Tibeta 03 pendant.

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