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101 CPH

In the realm of furniture design, 101 Copenhagen (101 CPH) emerges as a captivating fusion of Scandinavian roots and the minimalistic allure of Japanese aesthetics. The brainchild of designers Tommy Hyldahl and Kristian Sofus Hansen, this brand stands as a testament to the harmonious meeting of North and East, seamlessly blending quality materials, techniques, and traditions.

The design philosophy of 101 Copenhagen is a dynamic dance of freedom and expression, resulting in pieces that are both unique and timeless, never compromising on playfulness and individuality. Hyldahl and Hansen, drawing from their backgrounds in the fashion industry and education at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, weave a narrative of minimalist, sculptural, and conceptual design into the fabric of their collections.

The influence of Japan is palpable in every creation, thanks in part to Hansen’s travels and experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun. The meticulous attention to detail and a shared sense of aesthetics drive the designers, ensuring that each piece in the 101 Copenhagen repertoire is a manifestation of their collective vision.

Architect Nicolaj Noddesbo, the third creative force behind the brand, infuses his expertise into the collections, bringing innovative light solutions and timeless novelties to the table. The translation of Japanese simplicity into a Scandinavian context is an art mastered by 101 Copenhagen, where the honouring of quality, heritage, and materiality co-exists seamlessly with an unwavering commitment to form and function.

In essence, 101 Copenhagen is more than a furniture brand—it’s a curated selection of bold, tactile objects that boldly stand out in a crowd while harmonising as a cohesive whole.

Products: Furniture, Lighting & Accessories
Website: www.101cph.com