Calling all students and creatives passionate about design to enter the Light on Design Competition!

This is your chance to showcase your creativity by designing an innovative, energy efficient table lamp.
You have until 3rd November 2023 to bring your vision to life.

This competition is open to participants nationwide, so make sure to spread the word and invite fellow design enthusiasts to join in.

light on design competition

Participating in the Light On Design Competition offers several key benefits:

Showcasing Creativity

The competition provides a platform for you to demonstrate your unique creative vision and design skills. It is an opportunity to push the boundaries of traditional table lamp design and present innovative concepts that captivate the judges and the design community.

Industry Recognition

The panel of esteemed judges, including CRÉMA and a member of the Decorex committee, guarantees your work will be evaluated by experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. Winning this competition will bring your talent to the forefront, providing recognition and validation from industry experts.

Collaboration and Exposure

Collaborating with CRÉMA, a prominent supplier in the interior, furniture and architecture industry is a rare opportunity for any aspiring designer. The winning design will be manufactured and tested by CRÉMA as well as marketed and sold through their showroom and online space, ensuring exposure among some of South Africa’s top designers.

Financial Incentives

Apart from the thrill of having your design brought to life, the competition offers a substantial cash prize of R20,000. This monetary reward recognises your talent and dedication, providing support for your design journey and future endeavours.

Commercial Potential

The possibility of your light being sold through CRÉMA Design further highlights the commercial potential of your winning design. This opens doors to the marketplace, where your lamp can reach a wider audience and potentially generate revenue.

Things to consider:

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment within our homes. Here are some key aspects of sustainable lighting:


Lighting is essential for performing various tasks in different areas of the home. It ensures that we can see clearly and perform activities such as cooking, reading, or working without strain or discomfort. Well-designed lighting solutions offer sufficient illumination, reduce eye strain, and enhance overall productivity.

Ambience and Mood

Lighting significantly influences the ambience and mood of a space. By utilising different lighting techniques and fixtures, such as dimmers or colour-changing bulbs, you can create different atmospheres to suit specific activities or occasions. Soft, warm lighting can create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere, while brighter lighting can energise and invigorate a room.

Highlighting Design Elements

Properly placed lighting fixtures can accentuate architectural features, artwork, or specific design elements within a home. The strategic use of lighting can draw attention to focal points, add depth and dimension, and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Safety and Security

Adequate lighting is essential for ensuring safety and security within the home. Well-lit pathways, staircases, and entryways help prevent accidents, while outdoor lighting can deter potential intruders and provide a sense of security during night-time hours.

Energy Efficiency

With a growing focus on sustainability and energy conservation, lighting technology has evolved to include energy-efficient options. LED bulbs, for example, consume significantly less energy while providing bright and long-lasting illumination. Incorporating energy-efficient lighting solutions not only reduces environmental impact but also lowers energy costs in the long run.

Requirements for Submission

  • Bonus points for energy-efficient lighting
  • Prioritise sustainable practices by incorporating renewable technology
  • Utilise recycled or recyclable materials in your design
  • Provide a breakdown of the manufacturing process
  • Outline your inspiration behind the design
  • Include packaging details for transportation
  • Provide a comprehensive description of your sustainable design, highlighting its unique features and qualities
  • Include an image or sketch of the table lamp
  • Define the materials used and the dimensions

Get ready to illuminate the world of design with your remarkable table lamp creations!

If you wish to submit your design via email, you may send it to

Good luck to all participants, and we look forward to receiving your submissions.

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