5 Ways To Hang Your Pendant Lights

September 17, 2020

Whether you’ve bought a new pendant light, or sacrificed your weekend to DIY one, we have a few inspirational ideas that will help make your placement and hanging process a lot more interesting and fun.


To create a chandelier effect using pendant lights, cluster them in a central spot of the ceiling at different heights.


Mounted in various locations on adjacent walls, the cord of your pendant light can take on an arty geometric disposition, the perfect contrary to soften the elements in your space.


Wrapping several chords around a long, shallow pipe or beam, at varying heights in a straight line, similar your regular kitchen pendant lights, except a lot more interesting.


Drape the cord from the ceiling with a few pins or hooks to create a breezy, architectural look.

Single and Simple

We’ve been seeing a lot of single pendants hanging low above bedside tables or in living rooms and we definitely approve.