5 Steps To Creating a Sophisticated Living Room Look

March 16, 2021

When designing any room layout, it is important to make a list of steps to help you with your process. Here are some of the steps that we would recommend to create your very own sophisticated living room:

Step 1: Minimal Decor

Keep your furniture and decor minimal with as much space as possible on surfaces such as your side or coffee table. It is important not to overdo the accessories, but to rather make a statement with a bold piece, such as a chandelier or a sculpture.

Step 2: Colour Palette

A neutral luxe colour palette is ideal. Hints of white, beige, brown and cream colours will allow you to feel calm, which is important in a sophisticated living room.

Step 3: The Must-Haves

The must-haves for a sophisticated living room should include a sofa, a lounge chair, a coffee table, a floor lamp and a suspension light.

Step 4: Focal Point

One thing to consider would be that every lounge suite needs to have a focal point or a statement piece and once that has been decided, they can then work from that and see what would tie in best with it.

Step 5: Accessorise

Hints of gold and marble always enrich a space. Styling a living room with candle holders, vases and a small sculpture will be the perfect accessories on a side table or a coffee table.