5 Important Tips When Purchasing a Sofa

May 18, 2021

Choosing the correct sofa for your space can be a difficult decision. You have to look at the style, colour and fabric choices of the sofa, as well as the space it’s going to be in. We’ve put together 5 important tips that you should think of when purchasing a new sofa.

It is extremely important to ensure that the style of the sofa is going to suit the space it’s going into. For instance, if your space is styled in a more traditional way, you’ll want to match the sofa to a similar style. Choose a sofa design that will suit the surrounding style and colour of the space it’s in.

When choosing a sofa, the size of the room and the sofa are important things to consider. If you live in a smaller space, we’d recommend that you downsize your furniture so that you’re able to fit a coffee table and a lounge chair with your sofa to give it a complete living room look. The shape of the sofa is also important. If you have a sleek and modern design, it could make your space look larger, whereas if you need to make the space look fuller, rounder furniture is advised.

If a colour is styled correctly, almost any colour could be made to look beautiful. It’s always best to keep the tone of your home in mind. Neutral colours with a hint of something daring can be just the thing you need to spice up your home. It is always a bit more tricky to incorporate bold colours and patterns, so you’d need to be sure of the colour palette you’re going to stick with.

Deciding what function you’d like your sofa to serve would determine what style and shape you’d like to go for when choosing a sofa. Whether it be to entertain guests, or to sit back into a comfier, more inviting sofa, these are the factors that you’d need to take into consideration when picking out a design.

The choice of upholstery is an extremely important factor when buying a sofa. The most practical upholstery options are usually leathers, linens and velvets because of their durability. Try to stay clear of the thinner fabrics such as cotton or silk, as they are more delicate and won’t last as long as the durable fabrics mentioned above.