5 Decor Tips For Your Living Room

May 28, 2020

Redecorating or arranging furniture can end up being quite an intimidating and overwhelming task, here are 5 tips that could help you so that it isn’t so scary after all! 

Choose a Focal Point

•Never underestimate the power of a focal point in a room. Whether it be a large window, a fireplace, an artwork or an eye-catching sofa, you’ll want to arrange your furniture around it.

Let There Be Light

•Illuminate your space with a warm, ambient glow by having a floor lamp next to the main sofa and a pendant light hanging from the ceiling. A dimmer will always help set the perfect mood you’re going for.

The Bigger Coffee Table, The Better!

•Enrich your space with a gorgeous coffee table, placed in the centre of the seating area. More often than not, the bigger the better!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

•Having a mirror on the wall creates depth in a room, the bigger the mirror, the larger the room is going to look. Textured wallpaper or art on the wall can also be a great detail to add to the room.

The Right Size Rug

•Rugs can be used to define a certain area. By defining your lounge, you could either get a large enough rug to fit your lounge suite onto it or a smaller rug that fits the side chairs and coffee table onto it.